Virtual Top Up

Virtual Top Up

Virtual TopUp , VTU is  airtime distribution system base on GSM phones. The agents can process by USSD codes , Android App or Web interface


System Features

  • High speed low cost PINLESS Airtime (or other pin based product) sales via USSD
  • Not SIM-based
  • No capital cost: Selling device = Agents current Cell-phone
  • Agent hierarchy controlled by Network but external of network platform
  • Not platform specific and can be ported if Network requires
  • Automated USSD agent registration
  • Unlimited number of agents therefore no minimum transaction volume per agent: Empowers the small trader
  • Unlimited sales tier hierarchy for GSM Networks: Allows re-sales downward
  • Unlimited number of GSM Networks for Super Dealers.
  • Agent can transact VTU transactions, as well as viewing current balance, or transferring credit to another agent downstream
  • System connects to Network platform for automated ‘end to end’ cost free recharge
  • Increases value of agent base to Network or Super Dealer (whoever acquires rights to the system) over time
  • Bank Integration for ‘real time’ automated agent cash deposit crediting = no cash handling required
  • If not integrated, system can sweep bank accounts for agent crediting
  • Multi-tier functionality
    • Super dealer, sub dealer, sub-sub dealer to unlimited number of levels
  • Commission structure is set up on tier levels pre-set top down or can be adjusted on agent cell-phone if agent wishes to override preset discounts
  • Reflects real market dynamic as agent decides what discount to offer agent’s client
  • Credits for agent accounts passed down through tier automatically to all levels
  • Full merchant management function at server
  • Sales reports, balance reports, other transactions reports tailored for Network/Super-dealer as required
  • Invoicing and billing capability /integration as required

Benefits to Network Operators / Super Dealers

No capital required other than to purchase a modest Server System

Application is phone based and not SIM based so no special SIMs

Automated agent activation

Rapid Agent Growth with no staff intervention other than Help Desk

Agent activation option by Internet or by cell-phone via USSD

Automated bank integration = no Cash Handling

Reduce overhead and staff cost

Reduce danger of theft target

Reduce theft losses and shrinkage

Increase satisfaction: Quick and easy recharge at local bank

Automated real time recharge, so no delays for agent to sell

Unlimited number of agents however small the sales. Helping the small trader by increasing his margin and at same time increasing network/Super-dealer (as the case may be) profit

This is done by cutting out unnecessary historical middlemen as small agents can access the system. Discounts are volume based, not because of ‘historical positioning’, thus rewarding the best agents directly

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