The MobiVend Cell-phone Vending System was created for the distribution of a Utility’s Prepaid Meter Tokens by an authorised Dealer using a GSM Cellphone. The service is available together with the VMS System as an end‑to‑end solution for 24/7 real‑time trading from Server to Dealer level to meter users. With this service, customers always have an option to recharge which is not constrained by a Utility’s office hours or Limited number of Offices/Outlets.

Cellphone Vending is designed to simplify distribution by using a network of Street Agents to make Prepaid Electricity/Water Coupons available 24.7 everywhere. In order for Dealers to sell Electricity or Water, we empower their cell-phones to communicate through SMS or USSD channels directly to the  VMS server located at the Utility.



  • Multi language support: (Languages can be added as required.) English, French and Portuguese currently
  • Immediate operational Mobile Phone Electricity Vending from day one without costly or time consuming or complicated application installations or integrations
  • Agent validation by MSISDN and PIN (Prevents payment queries)
  • Automatic Bank Integration for Agent Deposits (Immediate agent credit. Agents with cash flow problems, who use manual systems of reconciliation can be discouraged from virtual recharge due to crediting delays)
  • Automatic Agent Registration Process. This means that the agent base growth can be explosive and unlimited, empowering the poor and enabling massive work for the informal sector. No costs/time delays for new agent acquisition. (A call help desk is required to assist rapid growth of agents)
  • Recharge via USSD or SMS depending what the GSM Network allows
  • Quick and easy and reliable for customer to recharge their meters
  • Multi-Tier Option for a hierarchical Dealer System (flexible settings)
  • Robust Enterprise System Backend and simple backup procedures

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